Bills Lose To Patriots, Lois Joins Kimberly At MacGregors, Superfan T-Heart

A very busy Buffalo Bills Sunday for the Kimberly & Beck Show.

Kimberly was out at MacGregor's in Greece and they gave her mom Lois a very warm welcome.

Meanwhile in God's Country (aka Fairport) Beck was watching the game with his lovely girlfriend who was very involved in the game.

As far as the game went, a lot of Bills fans were upset by the hit on Josh Allen that knocked the QB out of the game early in the 4th quarter. Patriots corner Jonathan Jones went helmet to helmet with Allen, trying to stop him on a 3rd down play. The broadcast replay

The opposing angle though shows why the NFL head of officiating Al Riveron said that #Patriots CB Jonathan Jones’ helmet-to-helmet hot on #Bills QB Josh Allen did not “rise to the level” of the league standard for disqualification.

Not to say the Patriots weren't up to their usual shenanigans. Thad Brown from News 8 captured this moment of Patriots coaches sneaking a peak at the Bills during warm ups, and Sean McDermott shooing them off the field.

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