The Feds Seized Devin Tribunella's Vehicles

You may know him as 'Yellow Lambo Guy' from last year. Now he's 'No Lambo Guy' after his vehicles were seized during his arrest by the Feds today.

This is what they looked like before.

THIS is what they looked like today.

The short version is, is that he and Wade Shadders at Royal Crown, and three other guys at Rochester Pawn & Gold (Thomas Nary, Eric Finnefrock and Ralph Swain) were arrested for a scheme that involved the following:

1) Getting drug addicts to steal specific items from area stores

2) Paying addicts a small percentage of retail price for the stolen items

3) Selling the stolen items on eBay

Royal Crown made over $3.2 million from the scheme. Rochester Pawn & Gold made over $12.4 million!!!

The feds say that addicts that stole and sold for the pawn shops overdosed 15 times within 5 days of the sales. Three of those were fatal.

The full press release is below.

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