Professor Charged After Trying to Pay for Sex with Arby's Gift Card

As anyone with even a passing knowledge of TV detective dramas knows, prostitution is primarily a cash-only business. Apparently, this fact somehow escaped a Missouri church leader who's facing charges after trying to buy sex with an Arby's gift card. Barry Poyner, an elder at the Kirksville Church of Christ and a professor at Truman State University, became the subject of a police investigation after university officials received complains that he'd been "offering to pay for items for sexual favors," according to court documents. Investigators set up a sting on Grindr, a popular gay dating app, by having a cop pose as an 18-year-old man looking for a "sugar daddy relationship," the paperwork indicates. The 57-year-old took the bait, offering to meet the teen at a gas station to give him an Arby's gift card and fill his gas tank in exchange for sex. Instead, he was taken to jail. Poyner, a 30-year veteran of Truman State, has been suspended from his job. Although leaders at the Kirksville Church of Christ have not commented, Poyner's name has been removed from its official website and stories condemning homosexuality have been uploaded. He's due to appear in court January 8th.

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