Eminem Slammed For Lyrics About Ariana Grande Manchester Concert Bombing

Shady’s back with a new album, and it’s causing a lot of controversy.

Eminem attempted to break the internet last night with the surprise release of his eleventh album, Music to be Murdered By. Although the highs of the record include tracks featuring stars like Skylar Grey, Ed Sheeran, and the late Juice WRLD, it was the LP’s low points that caused a major firestorm on Twitter, with many listeners slamming the rapper for an offensive lyric having to do with Ariana Grande.

Fans and survivors alike will always remember the devastation of the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing that took place during the “7 Rings” singer’s concert, resulting in 22 deaths and more than 100 innocent people wounded in the incident. So it came as a shock to Grande fans when the Detroit native makes light of the tragedy in one of the songs on his new album. On the song “Unaccommodating,” Eminem references the deadly bombing in the line: “I’m contemplating yelling ‘Bombs away’ on the game like I’m outside of an Ariana Grande concert waiting.” The song even features an actual bombing sound for added shock.

As you might expect, fans were livid, and many labeled the a “disgusting scumbag,” calling the lyric “distasteful.”

“Eminem really made a song about such a touchy subject AND there's a bomb after the ariana grande manchester situation verse... and the fact people are defending him im just... disgusted,” one user reacted, as another added: "mocking manchester.. i am disgusted how did he or his team think this was okay? he's trash."

The tasteless line also hit those who lost loved ones in the bombing, like one woman whose 29-year-old son was killed in the incident. In tweets, the mother calls Eminem's offensive lyric "not clever," adding there is "no sense" in any of his verses at all.

As yet, neither Eminem nor Grande have reacted to the backlash.

Listen to more tracks from Shady's new album below.

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