ROC Woman Claims Dewey Ave Liquor Store Owner Is Racist

Michelle Nicole posted this to Facebook Monday night claiming the owner of this shop was discriminating against black customers.

"Earlier I went to Jordy’s liquor store on Dewey Ave in Greece that I’ve been frequenting for the last 8 years without any issues. When I pulled up the owner was standing outside clearly aggravated and as I pulled into the parking spot he threw his hands up and walked back inside. I didn’t think much of it so I continued to park and as I waIked in, there was a woman at the register ready to pay for her stuff and the owner starting ranting out loud about how next week when customers come they will be standing on the other side of a glass wall and he’s going to have bulletproof glass in front... confused I asked “what happen?” His response was that he’s sick of “the blacks”! And he’s gonna put up a glass wall like the ones “the blacks” are used to in the ghetto... I turned around to put my bottle back he said “no offense to you” I didn’t even respond I just started to walk out he said to me “go ahead, go to the ghetto then”. He was then caught on video minutes later saying that blacks are his problem but wouldn’t repeat exactly what he said earlier because he knew he was being recorded this time. Please do not shop with Jordy’s liquor store your money is not welcomed or deserved there."

Here is the post and video.

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