Details About Nine New Local COVID-19 Cases

Nine more Rochester-area residents have been diagnosed with COVID-19. Four of the new cases have a clear connection to a Greece Arcadia Middle School worker who tested positive for the coronavirus Friday. All four individuals are adults, not students. The children of one of the cases are enrolled at The Unique Child Day Care Center, 4 Meigs St. in Rochester. Monroe County Commissioner of Public Health Dr. Michael Mendoza has ordered it to close for 48 hours.  One person who tested positive is an Ontario County resident who works in the Friendly Home in Brighton. A Rochester Fire Department firefighter who interacted with a person who tested positive has also been quarantined. If anyone who came into contact with the infected people is deemed to be at high risk, that person will be contacted by the county, which is also working to determine any locations where the general public could have been exposed. Previous cases in the county include a man who rode the Greyhound #252 bus to Rochester from John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City after flying into the U.S. from Italy.County officials are searching for individuals who may have disembarked the Greyhound #252 bus on the morning of March 10 with the first individual. 

Testing standards for COVID-19 include:

-People who have had close contact, including being in the same room, with someone known to be positive with COVID-19

-People showing signs of illness who have returned from a country listed as a Level 3 or Level 2 threat including China, South Korea, Iran and nearly all of Europe.

-People in quarantine who develop symptoms of COVID-19 illness

-People showing symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever, cough and shortness of breath and who have had negative results on tests for other illnesses

The county is not doing screening for people who are asymptomatic, with some exceptions for people who work in high-risk settings.

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