2 Boys Fall 33 Feet from Window to Escape Apartment Fire

Trapped by flames and facing certain death, two young brothers were forced to jump through a window and plummet 33 feet into the arms of people below. Video of the harrowing incident, which occurred Tuesday evening in Paris, shows one of the boys, a 10-year-old, drop his 3-year-old brother from a three-story window as smoke and flames surrounded him. The boy then climbs through the window and hangs from it for a moment before letting go, falling through the air and landing in the screaming crowed. Both boys suffered smoke inhalation but are otherwise fine, French media reports. "We didn't know what to do," says 25-year-old Athoumani Walid, who broke his wrist catching the children. "We wanted to break the door but it wasn't possible. So we showed we are here for each other, and we save each other."

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