You Can Make Money With These Apps

With the current economy, we are all looking for ways to make extra money. I tried out a bunch of apps. Here are a few I found

that are legit. It won't make you rich, but can help pay for gas or groceries. 


If you haven’t already you can sign up to be an Amazon Affiliate.

You can sign up HERE. It’s pretty simple.

You share links to items you recommend and earn commission.




I LOVE this app. It’s called Fetch. You upload receipts from stores, restaurants, gas stations, etc.

You get the receipt, snap a photo, submit and voila! You are awarded points that can be used to redeem gift cards.

There are a bunch of companies to choose from. Receipts must be scanned within 14 days of the checkout date.


You can get points for just signing up. Use the code: 8A2KCD to get 2,000 points




Another side hustle is taking surveys. I know it sounds dreadful, but it is mindless, busy work.

You can do it while you are binge watching a show or on the treadmill.

I have tried a few different ones and found Branded Surveys to be the best.  You can sign up by clicking HERE.



InboxDollars is another survey site that also pays you to watch videos.

You can tune in when it is convenient for you.  You can sign up by clicking HERE.

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