McCormick is a BAD GIRL, Warns Customers To Check Their Spices.... NOW

Photo: McCormick Spices

McCormick Warns Customers To Check Their Spices

Rizzo and Jeff have ALWAYS said Mrs. Dash SAVES LIVES!!! BELIEVE IT!

Regardless of if you are a gourmet chef or if you just microwave frozen meals, chances are you have spices in your house. In fact, based on Census data and a Simmons National Consumer Survey, 300.62 million Americans used seasonings and spices in 2020, and McCormick, the largest spice manufacturer in the world, has a warning for all of them.

Because most people don't go through their spices very quickly, seasonings wind up sitting on their shelves for years and that can be problematic. In a pair of Facebook posts, the company explained how to tell if your spices are too old... like way too old. Thankfully, it's not very hard to figure it out. 

Finally if you need good news and a laugh after finding McCormick has let you down... Check out Rizzo and Jeff's Podcast!

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