Terry Pegula speaks about firing Doug Whaley

I feel like Bills owner Terry Pegula played a cruel trick on Western New York media by holding press conference to announce the firing of Bills GM Doug Whaley at 11 AM on Sunday morning.  I feel this way for two reasons.  First, I think Terry was hoping most of the media would not show up because it is a Sunday.  Second, because HE SAID NOTHING!  They had a process?  That's what he says, but what is that process?  He will not explain.  Terry Pegula looks like a kid who is trying to explain why he was caught looking at Dad's old Playboy, nervous and confused.  Watch and decide for yourself! 


I just wish he said this, "We waited until the new scouting year began before firing Doug Whaley and the Bills scouting staff.  That made the most sense. We thank Doug for his dedication, but 30 and 34 is not the record we wanted over the past 4 years. So,we are making the necessary changes at all levels of our organization to put a winning product on New Era Field.  Thank you." Or just put it in a tweet!

Bill Moran

Bill Moran

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