Dansville PD Officers Suspended From Facebook Page

The Dansville Police Department has decided officers will not be allowed to post on the department's official Facebook page temporarily after an officer's response to an angry citizen went viral. A woman posted on the department’s page after her aunt was arrested. It was an angry blast, accusing the department of slandering her family member and concluding by calling Dansville officers “fake cops.”An officer responded by saying “we know that your Obama phone does not have spell check or grammar check,” then suggests she get someone with an education to read her “non sense posts” before she posts them. He signed it “the not so scary police.”The woman told 13 WHAM she pays for her own phone and the officer's post was a slam against low income people. Dansville Mayor Peter Vogt says he will set new guidelines and oversight for the Facebook page. Once that's done, he says officers will be allowed to post again.

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