Woman Stabs Street Performer Because He Was Giving Her a 'Headache'

A suburban Chicago woman accused of stabbing a street performer Tuesday says she launched the attack because the musician was giving her a headache. The excuse apparently wasn't good enough for Chicago police officers, who on Thursday filed charges against 38-year-old Barbara Johnson in connection with the attack. They say 26-year-old Michael Malinowski was performing in a Loop Red Line subway station when Johnson unplugged his guitar from his amplifier. She then began pushing him and the two became involved in a struggle that ended when Johnson stabbed Malinowski in the arm. "She essentially destroyed my arm and that’s my whole livelihood," Malinowski says. "That’s the whole reason I even have a career." Johnson is facing charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, aggravated battery in a public place and criminal damage to property. She's currently being held without bail. According to her court-appointed attorney, Johnson suffers from "mental health illnesses."

Photo Courtesy: Getty Images

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