Decode Your Children's Texting Slang

Many people don't talk anymore. It's easier to send text messages.  Teenagers speak in another language in text messages. Here are some translations:


Fam = It is referring to close friends or a tight-knit group. 

Netflix & Chill = It is in referring to "hooking up" or a "booty call", not just watching movies and hanging out.  

Dabbing = It's a popular dance move, but it's also a concentrated form of cannabis. 

Basic = Means ordinary, not unique or generic.  Interpreted as an insulting, derogatory term. 

CD9 = Code 9, there are parents around.  

53X = Sneaky way to type "sex" 

KMS = Kill Myself.  Some kids use this in a sarcastic manner, but it can indicate severe depression or suicidal thoughts in others.  

MOS = Mom over the shoulder.  

WTTP = Want to trade pictures, meaning trading nude photos.   

ADR = Address.  

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