Dog Escapes Yard, Walks Into ER to Find Owners

posted by Deanna King - 

You have probably heard stories about lost dogs walking long distances to find their owners. Apparently, it happened in Batavia. According to the Daily News Online, a dog named Buddy burrowed underneath a fence and got out of his yard. Buddy, a shepherd mix, walked to the local hospital where both of his parents work. A photo was posted on the United Memorial Medical Center's Facebook page asking for help finding the owner.  The owners, meanwhile, drove around looking for Buddy and even checked a local shelter. An officer eventually brought Buddy home. The story was even featured in People Magazine. 

Photo Courtesy: Katelyn DiSalvo


This sweet pup walked in to UMMC ER just like a patient would. No I.d tag but did have a license tag! The police came...

Posted by Katelyn DiSalvo on Saturday, January 21, 2017


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