How You Could Lower Your Cable Bill

You may be able to lower your cable bill, but you have to call and ask for it. Spectrum launched new prices and packaging 5 days ago. You are likely receiving services Spectrum is no longer offering. Spectrum no longer charges modem fees. They only charge a wifi fee. Spectrum doesn't charge for boxes like Time Warner did.  Spectrum will allow you to keep all the services you have and pay what you are now or you can migrate to the new Spectrum packaging and pricing. Their packages are much different. By calling I saved $75 month. I'm not kidding. Spectrum doesn't package things the way Time Warner did. So, if there are channels you aren't using you can drop them and there will be a difference in cost. I only found out about it because a friend told me. The Spectrum operator told me they are not automatically switching prices. Obviously, not everyone can get a lower price, but it's worth a call. 

 Call Spectrum:  1-800-892-4357


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