Court Papers: Rideout Son Said he Helped Mom Clean Up Blood

There are disturbing new details about the murder of a Penfield father. Craig Rideout was murdered in July of 2016. Rideout's estranged wife Laura, his sons Colin and Alex and Laura Rideout's boyfriend, Paul Tucci are charged with murder. Investigators said Craig Rideout's face had been disfigured, burned with acid, and he had been strangled. It took deputies several days to positively identify him. The four also face tampering with evidence charges, and Laura Rideout is accused of burglarizing the Penfield home of Craig Rideout. According to WHEC, investigators found garbage bags with bloody clothing, cleaning products and a homemade garrote in the basement. A garrote is a wire, cord, or apparatus used to strangle someone. Police said Colin Rideout dumped evidence into the Devil's Bathtub at Mendon Ponds Park. Alex Rideout was also found in the park. According to court papers, investigators say Colin Rideout said he had helped his mother cleanup blood in Craig Rideout's basement the previous day. Colin also told investigators that he had been directed by his mother to dispose of the garbage bags at Devil's Bathtub, according to the court papers. According to WHEC, deputies say Alex Rideout was uncooperative when asked for a name.  



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