Latest Craze: Fidget Spinners

The bottle-flipping craze has come and gone. There is a new fad kids can't get enough of. They are called fidget spinners.  Fidget spinners are small gadgets smaller than the palm of your hand. It has two or three prongs with circles in them, along with a circular pad in the middle where you hold the device with your finger and thumb. Then you twirl it. Yes, that's it. You twirl it. My children have been begging for one for weeks. There are videos on YouTube of people doing tricks with their fidget spinners. The cost ranges from a few dollars to a few hundred. In fact, they are selling out everywhere. I told my children they didn't need another gadget. So, grandma bought them. She read how the gadgets help with their stress. Forbes magazine named fidget spinners the Office Toy of the Year for 2017. Do you remember when you worked in offices and didn't play with toys? The only good thing is the fidget spinners are not as loud and annoying as water bottles landing on the ground over and over and over and over and over........





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