Judge Astacio Gets Bail Hearing a Day Early

There is never a dull moment with Judge Leticia Astacio. She is still in the Monroe County Jail, but may not be for long.  She will return to court Wednesday - a day early - for a bail hearing.  It turns out her attorney, Ed Fiandach, who she fired overnight will be there, too.  He is apparently back on the case. Astacio was sent to jail without bail Monday morning after she declined a plea offer to make a declaration of delinquency.  She was arrested for failing to complete a urine test that was ordered after an alleged violation of her DWI sentence. Astacio was offered 45 days in jail, tow years' probation and more alcohol monitoring.  Judge Stephen Aronson reprimanded her for going overseas without notice last month. Astacio posted photos of herself in Thailand (You can see the photos HERE)  Astacio will go back to work and collect her $173,700 salary upon her release from jail — whenever that may be.



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