Sister Testifies, Surveillance Video Released in Rideout Trial

It is Day 3 of testimony in the Rideout murder trial. On Tuesday jurors heard from Craig Rideout's sister -- Robbyn Drew. Drew testified she went to her brother's condo on July 20th after she couldn't reach him. She found Laura Rideout inside even though she had been ordered to stay away because of an ongoing custody battle.  Rideout told Drew she was there because one of their children needed a ride. Laura Rideout said she was cleaning because the kitchen smelled. This was the same day prosecutor say Craig Rideout was being strangled and killed in his basement and his face was disfigured by acid. Drew called 911 after Laura left the home with a white garbage bag. Later that night security video from the Macedon Walmart shows Colin Rideout purchasing a shovel. A shovel with the same UPC number was found near Rideout's body. There were also images from another trip to the Walmart on Hudson Avenue the day before. The images show Paul Tucci and Laura Rideout entering the store. Randall Heal, an asset protection manager at that Walmart testified that receipt show they purchased a tarp, bungee cords and drain cleaner.Laura Rideout, two of her sons and her boyfriend, are all on trial for the murder.


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