Jury Reaches Verdict in Craig Rideout Murder Trial

The jury reached a verdict in the Craig Rideout murder trial on Tuesday.  Laura Rideout and her son Colin were both found guilty of murder and tampering with evidence. Laura Rideout was also found guilty of burglary. Alex Rideout was found guilty of tampering with evidence. Paul Tucci was found not guilty on all counts.

Craig Rideout's estranged wife Laura, his sons Alex and Colin, and Laura’s boyfriend Paul Tucci were charged with murder and tampering with evidence. The four were accused of strangling Craig Rideout. The 50-year-old's body was found dumped near a farm field in Penn Yan.  The father of seven was killed in the basement of his townhouse in Penfield. 

                                    Laura Rideout, Paul Tucci, Alex Rideout, Colin Rideout

                                                    Craig Rideout

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