Honeoye Falls Man Marched in Charlottesville Rally

A graduate from Honeoye Falls-Lima was pictured marching with a torch in Charlottesville, Virginia Friday night. Flyers of Jarrod Kuhn, 21, were plastered around the village. The flyers says "No Nazis In Our Neighborhood" and identify Kuhn by name. Honeoye Falls Mayor Rick Milne says the flyers are illegal and won't be allowed in the village. Kuhn told the Democrat & Chronicle that he's right wing politically but not racist or affiliated with any Nazi group. He said he went to Charlottesville to protest the removal of the statue of Robert E. Lee.

Statement from Honeoye Falls mayor

Honeoye Falls Community: Last evening papers were posted around the village that specifically named a local person and detailed this persons alleged involvement with Nazis protests.While I will publicly state that I condemn racial bigotry, Nazis and white supremacy actions and any actions that do not treat all people with respect and dignity, I will also say publicly and officially that the Village will not allow illegal posts to be published around our community. We do not want to stoop to that level.The Monroe County Sheriff's have been contacted and the Village will support their actions/findings.

Richard B. Milne, Mayor



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