Judge Astacio's Alleged Harasser Arraigned

The woman accused of harassing Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio Saturday night was arraigned Monday night. Monica Skinner is accused of chasing and pushing Astacio at Radio Social Saturday night. According to a statement taken by Rochester Police, Astacio claims Skinner came up to her and "grabbed my arm then asked if I was Judge Astacio. I told her I was but to let go of me." Astacio claims Skinner pushed her in the chest with two hands and asked if she "wanted to take things outside." Another witness statement says Skinner yelled into Astacio's face. Astacio responded, "I am not a judge today' and something along the line of 'Get out of my space,'" according to the written witness statement. That witness then said Skinner "shoved security."

                                Photo Provided by : Monroe County Sheriff's Office

Photos Provided by: WHEC 


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