Pittsford Man Charged With Verbal Attack on Indian Family

A man from Pittsford has been indicted on multiple hate crime-related charges after deputies say he screamed racial obscenities at an Indian family and threw the father's phone in the Erie Canal. A Monroe County grand jury indicted 52-year-old Vincent Randazzese on five hate crime-related charges and three counts of endangering the welfare of a child. According to court paperwork, -a couple was walking with their two children, two nieces and a nephew on the Erie Canal path near State Street. All of the family members were of Indian descent. "This is my country, you have no f***ing rights here," Randazzese allegedly told the victim before telling him to go back to his own country. Randazzese then called him a "n***er" and a "f***ing n***er," according to paperwork. The documents also allege that Randazzese then threatened to "put his fist down [the victim]'s throat." Investigators said the victim took out his phone and told Randazzese that he was going to call 911. Randazzese allegedly then pulled the phone from the victim's hand and threw it into the Erie Canal. "You want this? Go f***ing get it," Randazzese allegedly told the victim as he threw the phone into the canal. Deputies say Randazzese and the victim's family had never met one another at any point before this incident. Randazzese has had prior brushes with the law, including stalking charges and a restraining order violation.



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