Health Department: Flu Levels 'High' in Monroe County

The Monroe County Department of Health said flu cases are at a "high level" in Monroe County.  Health officials say there have been 365 confirmed cases of the flu since December 23.  Officials say 109 people have been hospitalized. The flu typically begins to show up in October and can last through May, often peaking in January or February. "Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently, stay home from work or school if sick, and be sure to cover your cough to prevent spreading germs to family and friends,” said Dr. Michael Mendoza, Monroe County Health Commissioner. “These precautions are particularly important if you have infants or older individuals in your household."

Symptoms of the flu are typically a fever, body aches, cough, and fatigue. People can spread the flu a day before symptoms begin and while they are sick. People typically get sick within 1-2 days after being exposed.


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