Mother Accused of Intentionally Crashing Car With Kids in Backseat

A mother of three is accused of  intentionally driving her car into a concrete median on 490.  According to WHEC, three kids were in the backseat.  The children, ages two, five, and seven were not in car seats and suffered head injuries.  Christina Clinton, 31, was in Rochester City Court on Wednesday. She is charged with criminal contempt, assault with intent to cause injury and DWAI charges. She’s being held on $5,000 bail, $15,000 bond. Court paperwork indicates Clinton picked up her mother at work in Webster, drove to Rochester to pick up the children at daycare and was driving on 490 near Culver road when she and her mother, who has custody of the kids, began arguing. The grandmother says that is when Clinton purposely turned the car into the concrete barrier.



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