WATCH: Wheels and "Wease Cares" Gave a Girl With Cancer an Early Christmas

Allivea's mom didn't think her daughter would be able to sit on Santa's lap this year. In fact, she wasn't sure Allivea would make it to Christmas Day. Allivea was diagnosed at 8 months old with a juvenile pilocystic astrocytoma. Allivea's tumor is in her hypothalamus region pressing her optic nerve. She has been through numerous treatments none of which seem to shrink the tumor and it continues to grow. Allivea's tumor causes pain in her hands knees and feet and her vision is effected as she has peripheral vision limitations. At times she suffers from severe head and eye pain. In recent months she has developed tics. She still smiles through it all. Our buddy, "Wheels," heard about Allivea's story and wanted to make sure she had a good Christmas. Brother Wease's charity "Wease Cares" donated a Nintendo Switch. Wheels got other presents and even brought Santa Claus! It was a beautiful moment. WATCH:

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