How to Watch the Buffalo Bills Game on Saturday

Saturday's Bills game at New England will be aired by the NFL Network. Kickoff is at 4:30 p.m.

If you are outside Buffalo and don't have access to the NFL Network, here are some ways to see the game:

  • Many sports bars and restaurants will be showing the game.
  • Streaming services:
    • Sling TV costs $15 per month, but there is a 40% discount off the first month. That would be $9 and then you can cancel after the game. The Blue Package includes the NFL Network.
    • fubo TV is $9.99 a month but has a free seven-day trial.
    • Hulu has a live TV option but the package includes NFL Game Pass, meaning you can only stream the game after it ends, but there are no commercials. It also has a free trial.
    • Spectrum
  • Apps:Yahoo Sports' app
  • Facebook: The Bills Mafia group streams the game online

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