Missouri Man Spotted Clinging to Hood of Speeding SUV on Freeway

Police in Independence, Missouri say no one will be charged in an incident involving a woman speeding through town with a man clinging to the hood of her SUV. The wild ride began early this week near a Chick-fil-A, says witness Skyler Luster, who caught part of the stunt on video. Luster says she had just walked out of the eatery when she saw a man hop onto the hood of an SUV that was pulling away. But instead of stopping, like Luster thought she would, the woman sped away. "I'm like this can't be real," Luster says. "Like is this really happening?" Another witness, Dyani Eaton, says the woman then drove toward an on-ramp to the 291 freeway. "She sped up and they got onto the freeway," Eaton says. "And they were driving down 291 like that." Fearing for the man's safety, a group of concerned motorists finally boxed the woman's vehicle in, forcing her to stop, Eaton says. The hood surfer finally released his grip, jumped off the SUV and disappeared into some nearby woods, according to police. Police say no charges will be filed, noting the incident was "handled by officers."

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