Bobby Bones Surprises Brianna Collichio

Our buddy Elvio Fernandes has been mentoring a 15-year-old singer from Spencerport named Brianna Collichio.

Brianna, who has cystic fibrosis, was all set to audition for American Idol but unfortunately wasn't able to make the date because of a hospitalization.

While in the hospital, her sister posted a clip of Brianna's signing on TikTok and American Idol producer caught notice and she was able to make it up with a virtual audition.

As she prepares for the next step, Moran was able to pull some strings to get American Idol's in-house mentor, and iHeart star, Bobby Bones to give some advice to Brianna.


It was all a surprise for Brianna who didn't know Bobby would be on the phone.

You can also listen to the segment below. Bobby's call begins around the 6:45 minute mark.

Video is included below the podcast (it may take a while to load).

Bobby Bones Surprises Brianna Collichio 2