Illinois Teen Did Not Fire First Shot

24/7 News Source Reports: Videos show an Illinois teen did not fire the first shot and was trying to get away from others who were confronting him when he fired shots at protesters. The New York Times viewed a number of videos to piece together Kyle Rittenhouse's movements that night in Kenosha, Wisconsin. In the first shooting, Rittenhouse was being pursued by a group when someone fired a gun in the air near him. When Rittenhouse turned to the sound, someone lunged for his gun. He fired four times, shooting one person in the head. Several people began chasing him shouting "That's the shooter." He tripped, fell to the ground, then fired four shots at the three people rushing toward him. One person is hit in the chest, another in the arm. Rittenhouse then walks up to police with his hands up, but they drive by without stopping to assist victims.

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