38 Affordable Things That Make the Pandemic a Little Easier

you made a purchase just for the pandemic that has made your life easier? BUZZFEED put together a list of 38 things people bought to do just that. They include...

1 Anti-fog spray for people with glasses. You spray it on, and it keeps your glasses from fogging up when you wear a mask. There's a brand on Amazon called Fog Gone that costs 10 bucks a bottle.

2. Mask extenders, so your ears don't hurt. They fit around the back of your head, so your mask won't pull on your ears all day. You can get a four-pack on Amazon for $7.

3. Soundproofing strips that fit around the edge of a door. They're a cheap way to get a little more peace and quiet in your home office. You can do one door for $9.

Want the full list? Check it out here: BuzzFeed