City + ROC Holiday Village Helping Restaurants w/ Outdoor Dining

It's cold out. We know this. But restaurants in and around Rochester have... limited options for dining. Outdoor dining is better for COVID reasons but that's not easy because... it's cold out.

NewsRadio WHAM 1180 Reporting: Up to 25 Rochester restaurants will be able to offer outdoor dining this winter, with help from the City.

Applications are being taken now until Monday for the loan of greenhouses from the Roc Holiday Village that will allow outdoor dining in line with the State's coronavirus guidelines.

Each will have room for four to ten people. The restaurants will be responsible for heating and furnishings.

The greenhouses can be used for up to four months, and the City also is waiving outdoor dining permit fees.

Most of the City is currently under the Orange Zone, and restaurants in the zone are unable to offer inside dining.

Picture from Getty Images