Rochester Restaurants Can Re-Open

NewsRadio WHAM 1180 Reporting: The state will now allow all restaurants in COVID Orange Zones to operate under Yellow Zone restrictions.

Yesterday, a judge in Buffalo issued a preliminary injunction, allowing indoor dining at some restaurants in COVID Orange Zones.

The ruling applying to the Erie County restaurants that brought the lawsuit.

A statement from the Governor's office reads in part quote "While that process is ongoing, to ensure uniformity and fairness, all restaurants operating in Orange Zones can now operate under rules governing Yellow Zones. We disagree with the court's decision and its impact on public health as Federal CDC data clearly demonstrates indoor dining increases COVID-19 spread. From the start of this pandemic, the State has acted based on facts and the advice of public health experts, and we will continue that approach."

The plaintiffs argued that the Orange Zone restrictions were unfair and that they could operate safely.

Somerset House Christmas Tree Decorating - Photocall

Somerset House Christmas Tree Decorating - Photocall