OMG!!! im Blogging!!

Hey its Earl David Reed

I live off a diet of protein shakes and white women.The Earl David Reed,Megan and Pat Show as you know has started off we a bang .Im sure you are used to something a little more controversial..that ship has sailed.When i left.Rochester it was great city and now i am back to help recapture the laughter and love we seem to be losing.this shows basic purpose is to ENTERTAIN! We will definitely discuss topical information but it will be from an entertaining view.All you experts on politics,covid and other things that can get you butthurt can stay away.Megan and Pat are wonderful and I truly love them both.So if you want some laughs,come enjoy the ride...My first time blogging is kind of like the first time i had sex..i was excited to try it,but i dont think im really good at it.."Peace and Humptyness Forever!"