Lost Toddler Rescued By NYS Troopers in Bristol

Missing children. You see that on the news and your heart stops, especially for all the parents out there. The truth of the matter is that parents are always trying to keep an eye on their kids... and they should be. Sometimes they can be tricky though and get away, and for various reasons of course.

That's why were are giving a BIG shout out to New York State Trooper Brian Hotchkiss. He, along with serval other Troopers, raced to search for a missing girl in South Bristol last weekend. The sun was going down. They were rushing to find her and, thankfully, they did.

Below is a picture from the New York State Troopers of Hotchkiss carrying her to safety.

Also a BIG shout out to Trooper Jason Stirk. He was there too and wrapped the child in his uniform to keep her warm.

There's a enough bad news in the world. It's nice to see a happy ending for once.

You can read more about this story here: The Democrat and Chronicle

You can also hear Trooper Hotchkiss break down exactly what happened on our sister station, NewsRadio WHAM 1180 with Bob Lonsberry That interview is also below!