Pat's Easter Vegan Ham.. Would You Try This?

You probably have heard that Pat is a vegetarian. How does he not eat meat? We have no idea. It's a great question because, especially around the holidays, what the heck does a vegetarian eat? His wife is a VEGAN which makes things even harder.

Now for those who don't know, a vegetarian doesn't eat meat or fish, but will eat cheese, dairy and eggs.

When you're a vegan you don't eat ANY animal products. All plants.

Now food options for non-meat eaters have greatly expanded over the past 10 years or so. There are all sorts of meat substitutes like Beyond, Impossible, Morning Star, Gardein... just to name a few. And yeah, they do taste pretty good. Are they meat? No, but it's an option.

So what does a vegetarian and vegan eat for Easter? Aside from vegetables? Behold, a homemade Vegan ham that Pat's wife and Sister made this weekend...

What the heck is it made out of? Seitan. Which is flavored and seasoned wheat gluten. More about Seitan here:

How did it taste? According to Pat a lot like ham. Of course, he hasn't had ham in years so who knows if that's true or not. Thankfully he has no plans to bring this over to Tools' house this summer like he did with the tofu wings LOL!

Would you try this? And what did you have for Easter dinner/Brunch this year? Let us know! 585-222-9500 weekdays 2-6pm or on on Twitter and Facebook.