Local Mother of 4 w/ Brain Tumors Denied Health Insurance Coverage

38 year old Leanne Bossert from Canandaigua has 4 kids with her husband Nick. Their kids are ages 1, 3, 5 & 7.

She has been battling brain tumors since 2017 and was recently diagnosed with her second and third brain tumors in October of last year.

Leanne has been trying to get her insurance to cover her treatment since that time and has repeatedly been denied. This would mean that Leanne would have to pay the entire cost of the treatment (almost $300,000).

It's an awful situation that, sadly, so many have experienced. That's why we want to help Leanne get the treatment she NEEDS.

Below is a link to her GoFundMe. Please give wat you can and help this mom fight back. As Earl said, this could be anyone, including you. We need to look after an help each other.