Eastman Student Claims He is Being Racially Profiled

Jahshanti Henry is a flute major at the Eastman School of Music. Recently he posted a now viral video of how he says he's been racially profiled while on campus.

"Normally I refrain from posting videos like this or even being on social media but I believe enough is enough!" Henry wrote on Instagram. "Earlier tonight around 9pm I was just sitting down at Bettys cafe on my phone at @eastman.school and was approach by a public safety officer because another student believed I looked “suspicious” I am a sophomore at ESM and native of Rochester NY and I have been involved with the Eastman community since 2010 when I began going to the Eastman Community Music School. "

You can see that video below, as well as a ncie summary from our friends at RochesterFirst.com.

You can follow Jahshanti Henry on Instagram: @jahshantihenry