Former Kodak CEO Pictured on Clay Pigeons

People who like to shoot guns practice often on clay pigeons. The head of Brighton Securities, George Conboy, practiced on these. He joined us today to talk about the New York State AG suing Kodak for insider trading. Reuters reports that the case centers on Executive Chairman Jim Continenza’s purchase of nearly 47,000 Kodak shares. More on that here:

In George's opinion, Continenza did not commit insider trading. In fact he believes Continenza is doing a decent job after what he walked into: bankruptcy.

He did not have nice things to say about former Kodak CEO Antonio Pérez who lead the company into bankruptcy. Let's be honest, most people don't have many nice things to say about Perez. Lots of people lost their jobs because of the poor job he did.

In fact, someone dropped these off at the Brighton Securities office for George: clay pigeons with Perez's picture on them. See below. Picture provided by George Conboy.

Brighton Securities does a great job and if you need financial help visit them here: