Parents Outraged After Company Posts jobs for 14 + 15 Year Olds

Some businesses are having trouble hiring people. Now, as for why that is, there are a lot of opinions. Some people thing it's because some are lazy, others because they don't want to get off unemployment, others say the businesses should pay more and treat people better. That's just a few of the arguments.

As reported by, an Ohio Burger King is having trouble finding people. They recently posted a sign that said, " Hey parents!!! Do you have a 14 or 15 year old? Do they need a job?? We will hire them! Ask for an application!!"

Our first reaction was hey, it's a great opportunity to get into the workforce, learn some valuable life lessons, and make a buck! After all Earl started working at McDonald's at that age and even one the silver spatula award!

However... several people are NOT happy about this sign and say this is wrong for them to do. Check it out...

Now, it's not illegal for a 14 year old to work. There are MANY rules about how many hours they can work and such, which makes sense. So this isn't illegal in any way.

What's your take on this? It just seems like the people who have a problem with this are picking the wrong fight, maybe? Or do you agree with them?

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