Former Judge Leticia Astacio Attacks WHAM 1180's Bob Lonsberry On Facebook

Social justice activist and former judge Leticia Astacio has attacked Bob Lonsberry on social media.

In a Facebook post, she was upset Bob mentioned her on the air recently, asked why he hadn't had an "ass-whipping", and accused him of killing people.

And she said she would not encourage black men to whip his ass, because she's sure Bob would murder them and make a show of how they "deserved it".

Astacio was removed as a judge for conduct violations and served time in jail for violating her DWI probation.

We've embedded the entire video for you to view - Which you can start at 5:40 in.

Former Judge Leticia Astacio on Facebook Live

Bob Lonsberry joined the show this afternoon to discuss the situation firsthand. Here's what he had to tell us:

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