Local Company Developing Marijuana Impairment Test

One of the big questions now that marijuana is legal in New York State: how will we stop, and arrest, people driving under the influence of marijuana, and other drugs? Testing for drunk driving is pretty straight forward with a breathalyzer test and blood test. However, it's much more complicated when it comes to other drugs.

We spoke with Kristin Weber, Director of Wellness and Safety Channels for Cognivue which is based in Victor, NY. She sent us the following information:

The CognivueTechnology

• Cognivue is a self-administered personalized, consistent, and reliable tool to assess cognition in 5 minutes.

• Based on FDA-cleared technology where the individual is taken through a series of cognitive exercises where it determines if the subject can detect, identify, differentiate, and react to a stimulus.

• The technology, called “adaptive psychophysics” uniquely adjusts to an individual’s motor and visual abilities and continuously adapts based on the patient’s performance providing a customized test specifically for each patient.

• The device was the first FDA-cleared computerized device to measure cognitive impairment and was a result of 15 years of research that started with a grant from the NIH’s National Eye Institute.

• Proven superior test re-test reliability in FDA clinical trial compared to current gold standard testing paper and pencil testing.

• Cognivue eliminates common biases associated with other testing modalities, independent of educational or socio-demographic-economic level.

Want to know more? Listen to our interview with her below...

Also learn more here: https://www.cognivue.com/

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