Greece Student Blew His Chance

If you remember the story from a couple months ago, Chris Rhabb wanted to help a Greece kid who hit a rough patch in life.

Well... Tyler has blown his chance

Christopher Rhabb's Facebook page - "As everyone knows lately that I have been on a mission along with many others to help out a young man known as Tyler Rust. During the past month it has been testing yet rewarding. Like so many of us Tyler has had his faults and shortcomings that I was determined to work through and ignored, but as of recent I cannot ignore the offenses that he has made against me and my family. This past week a series of events have prompted me to make this decision. For starters I gave $160 to cover the costs of a Seabreeze season pass, games etc. 

On Friday morning while I was at my dentist I was contacted by Tyler to inform me that he was robbed of that money. Shortly after I met up with him to question his then accused cousin of stealing those funds. Tyler continued to give me the run around and accusing others of being potential thieves. Me being the thinking man that I am decided not to go on the chase that he wanted me to go on. It was soon discovered that he spent that money on Weed and alcohol. Soon after I brought Tyler home he started making live videos that were greatly damaging to his character. I attempted to make contact with him to preserve his current public image but was rudely brushed off. 

Because of this I confiscated the phone that I purchased for him until further notice. Later on that day his mother contacted me with news of Tyler being hostile and violent towards his sister. My efforts to calm down and admonish Tyler were futile. Later on at night he had gained access to another phone while at his grandmother's residence and continued to make degrading videos. My last attempt to talk him down resulted with him calling me the N-WORD and telling me " YOU AIN'T MY DADDY". The rest of the night I was greeted with more disrespectful messages and even a threat on my family and my soon to be one year old son. I'm usually a great judge of character but even I can be wrong once in a while. Because of this unforgivable act I am discontinuing my support and tutelage and shutting down ALL efforts to help Tyler with a healthy lifestyle transition. 

In the next coming days I will take a poll to determine what cause or charity will receive the remainder of the money raised for Tyler's cause. As my late Grandmother would always tell me " You can't put good in bad". I would rather put the funds in a place where it is greatly appreciated and I refuse to have this young man further benefit off of the kind hearts and generosity of so many. This is giving FULL explanation of why I will not be working with Tyler any longer. This campaign was made in the public eye with full cooperation of the public. 

It is only responsible to give full account of what is taking place and why. I am not ashamed of my effort. I've only tried to doing what so many others would have done. I will chalk this up as a loss, take it like a man and move on. Above all I will continue to help others in need and try my best to raise my family in a God fearing home the best way that I can. Thank you everyone for your support."

Kimberly and Beck

Kimberly and Beck

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